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Trying to come off as a casual fan by calling him Captain America instead of Steve

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For anyone visiting London: the essential pilgrimage stops 

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*looks at you seductively* *lowers glasses* i can’t see a thing

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jiggery pokery??

those two words made that tweet so english that I can hear it slurping down a gallon of earl grey while watching a marathon of doctor who

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Daily Martin is back~hooray~

Because Amanda posted a photo of Arthur with his broken tennis ball on instagram yesterday http://instagram.com/p/rUOQdXJBRe/?modal=true, so I got a new one for the little buddy.

Today when I told Martin I have a gift for Arthur and gave him the bag, he asked me with a confusing face “oh, it’s for Amanda?” “No, it’s for your Arthur” I answered, then he giggled and received it~ He must be surprised when he open the bag LOL

One of my video file was damaged, so not many photos today: (

He was wearing one of my favorite jacket of him, looks so good today!!!

Please do not repost them to anywhere else without me knowing, Thanks~


That is so sweet of you, for getting Arthur a present. Thank you so much for always sharing your lovely photos. :)

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Love these two silhouettes next to each other, modern v traditional.

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jakathine whispered:smaug #12? :) 



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Look after you.

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SHERLOCK (TV) + Social Media



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why haven’t they made a game where you can play as a hogwarts student aND JUST GO ABOUT YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE AS A HOGWARTS STUDENT

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Tom Hiddleston photographed by Jeff Vespa during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on September 6, 2013